Daniel Hug

(253) 330-7222
20605 1st Ave E
Spanaway, WA 98387

Technical expertise

Technology Experience
JavaScript I've used libraries like jQuery and Lo-Dash, and frameworks like Angular and Ember, but I now prefer a more modular approach to building web apps that doesn't tie me down to a framework.
HTML I've been building websites for clients around the world for 7 years now. I enjoy making cross-browser compatible responsive websites with a focus on positive user experience.
CSS I also enjoy using CSS preprocessors like Less, Sass, and SCSS
Git A distributed version control system like Git is a huge asset to any team or individual writing code. Pretty much every project I work on, I put on my GitHub.

Work experience

Frontend web consultant: Codementor

2015 - present: I am on call as a frontend web expert to help clients problem solve any frontend related issue, but also for general frontend consulting, and freelance work on web development projects.

Mentor of frontend web dev: Thinkful

2015 - present: I do one-on-one mentoring with frontend web development students at Thinkful. I guide students on an approximately three month journey of becoming job-ready as junior front-end devs. They learn by doing with a project-based curriculum. They learn HTML, CSS, JS (including jQuery, ajax, and APIs), Git, and GitHub.

Active open source contributer

2012 - present: Have a look at my GitHub profile to see several open source frontend modules that I have made to make web application development a breeze.

Freelance frontend designer and developer

2011 - 2012: delivering engaging user experiences on the web for clients all around the globe

Lead frontend web dev: Fotovillas

2011: I worked remotely as the lead developer of the user experience for the Fotovillas social image sharing web app.